Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dog Sees God - YES! It really is Fair Use!

   The play, “Dog Sees God” is an excellent example of transforming one person’s work into an entirely new direction. It takes out the past circumstance and characters of Charles Shultz’s classic cartoon, Peanuts, and adds another ten years to them. Ultimately, the play exemplifies Fair Use for it transforms and distorts the original cartoon’s characters, tone, and circumstance to show awareness of new kinds of ideas (i.e. intensive bullying, suicide, homosexuality, death).


I love how dynamic the new versions of Peanuts characters are. For example, Charlie Brown now plays out a closeted homosexual who finally does something out of the ordinary, and Lucie now goes into an Mental Clinic after burning a girls hair on fire and having an abortion. So fresh! Sure, the characters are based off  the old Peanuts characters, but they are now completely transformed into different individuals. These aren’t the cute, innocent, “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown!” days anymore. 

Furthermore, these individuals are so contrasting from the original Peanuts comics that they can be marked as their own, only with the same names from the Peanuts comics. This play stands as a prime example of both trans-formative art and Fair Use because it demonstrates an individual story, tone, music, character design and script. Ultimately, “Dog Sees Dog” would not be considered trans-formative art nor Fair Use if it copied straight scenes, characters, etc. from the Peanuts comics.

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