Monday, April 27, 2015

"::\~~~Le Transmedia~~~/::"

Transmedia is a challenge to understand. Perhaps it's because it's best defined on what it isn't, rather than what it is. Perhaps it's because it travels across social platforms that I'm still unfamiliar with. Personally, I wasn't too hyped up on the idea the first time I ever heard of it. However, with an increasing understanding of the medium, I increasingly grew amazed at the effort and intricacy of this form of storytelling. Ultimately, it conjoins the relationship between the creator and the audience/creators.

 For example, Elegy for a Dead World involves the audience members in its game by having the audience write out the stories in the game. This shared experience makes the relationship between the creator and the audience extremely personal. 

When I first researched this game, the idea of Authorship versus Openness really stood out to me. Like mentioned in this article, to be able to let go of creative control proves extremely difficult. It's remarkable that a game would put that much responsibility onto the player. 

 Another fantastic example of transmedia world building is the Harry Potter Fan-World. Sure, J.K. Rowling made the story and the fundamentals to Harry Potter's magical universe - but who could stop individuals from making their own stories within the Harry Potter universe? Who could stop individuals from creating their own work based off of the series? Ultimately, I have found countless of examples of a Harry Potter fan-work community.
  For one, there's that Harry Potter rendition of Uptown Funk, except, it's, um, Dark Lord Funk. Clever, right? But seriously, type in on google or youtube, "Harry potter", and you will find hundreds of fan-made cartoons, websites, music videos, and so, so much more.

I also am really impressed by the ways transmedia also fully incorporates different online platforms. For example-  the renowned Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Just imagine - the time. The effort. The consist online platforms the production needed to branch out and structure. It's just, mind blowing. Unlike any other current form of storytelling, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (based off of the well known novel, Pride and Prejudice) is a series of vlogs, tweets, etc. about a girl's life. The various profiles, people, and even towns created based off of these fictional characters and lives truly impressed me. It brought together a fictional community that bonded over a love of a story and of a world, over multiple platforms. I never thought Instagram or Twitter could unite to make fake character profiles.

Ingrid Kopp, the Tribeca Film Institute's Director of Digital Initiatives, truly helped me clear up some thoughts I had over transmedia. What is it exactly? Is the idea of an online, multi-platform community what transmedia truly is? Well, it's many things. However, the initiative, stays the same- like how the audience can have an interpersonal bond with the story, or can become the creators themselves, or how an audience can create their own fan-like community, or how User Experience Design can help channel the audience's creative role in the story. 

I'm still wondering - how will transmedia become more relative to our lives? How will transdmedia shape the entertainment, or storytelling, industry? How will it grow?

 I do not believe transmedia existed before the interest, because the interest is such a difficult platform to compare anything else into. However, I do believe people did participate in creating fanwork and clubs; therefore, they did create communities for audience-art.


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  1. I enjoyed your reaction to some of the fantastic pieces of transmedia there are out there. They're not just add ons to a work, they're their own art. Some of the spinoff series and shorts are inspiring and make me want to do them. Your idea of "Interlochen Funk" is a really cool idea, but I'm concerned on the time frame and production compared to yours and other student's workloads. Writing a song, performing it, recording it, scheduling a shoot, getting actors, choreographing, props, a crew, editing.... all in less than four weeks. I don't doubt that it can be done, especially since you do accomplish anything you put your mind to, but just think about a smaller scale of the project.