Thursday, October 1, 2015

Flash Post on Frederico Fellini: Nights of Cabiria (1957)

   I am amazed, just like after watching Fellini’s La Strada; Fellini handles a beautiful story that explores themes of love, poverty, religion and trust which ends in a kind of circle.              
   One element in the film which struck me was the idea of transcending into a high being or place. When Cabiria enters the famous actor’s home, for example, there is one wide shot of stairs, and her climbing up them. This specific shot imposed the idea that she was ascending to heaven, or a place too good to be true. Furthermore, in the last scene of the film, I thought the way the people danced around Cabiria was magical. She, herself, was ascending to a better/higher place.

   Overall, I loved Nights of Cabiria. It forced me to ask questions about the church and  what it means to live a fulfilling life. Cabiria struggles with trying to answer this because of not being able to trust individuals easily. And yet, even when she is alone at the end, Cabiria still manages to pull through the struggles of life by seeing the beauty of life. To be able to still smile after surviving hell is a precious, unbelievably strong, and beautiful thing; Fellini encompasses this idea in Cabiria and I love how he makes us fall in love with her due to this.
I thoroughly recommend this film. Bravo, Fellini!   

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